Hello! Project Station #80

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Episode 80 of Hello! Project Station, hosted by Berryz Koubou’s Yurina Kumai and S/mileage’s Rina Katsuta. Yurina looks very pretty, as does Rina look pretty cute.

The episode opens with the dance shot of S/mileage’s ‘Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagumukumu’. While the dance is a little awkward at points, it’s fun to watch. I still think the outfits are very unflattering.

Next is a segment of Juice=Juice 3rd J=J School For Girls event in Harajuku. Quite obviously it’s a girls-only event, something that’s very interesting to see since most idols fans are men. I think it’s a good way to encourage female fans to come to events, especially if they’re a bit creeped out by the older male wota. It’s mostly about make-up, styling and fashion I think.

There’s another grammar lesson with Morning Musume’s Haruka Kudou and Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Natsumi Taguchi, not that interesting. There’s also behind the scenes footage of a Morning Musume event. There’s also footage of them performing ‘Help me!”, not one of my favorites for live performances. Pretty much all high notes sound strained, I wish they wouldn’t give the girls such high notes, doesn’t sound good live.

Then there’s footage of Morning Musume announcing their upcoming single ‘TIKI BUN / Shabadaba doo~ / Mikaeri Bijin’, and the date and location of Sayumi’s graduation, which announced earlier.

Lastly, it ends with a question corner with Yurina and Rina. Overall, not a very interesting episode I think… That’s it for now!

~ Suu


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