Morning Musume Auditions In It’s Last Stage

Today Tsunku twittered about the ongoing Morning Musume audition ‘Morning Musume ’14 <Golden> Auditon!’. He says the latest audition is final (rough translation), which is very exciting I think. We haven’t got any real information on the auditions so far, so I hope we will get some footage very soon!

He also seems to say that the many different types of girls aiming to be idols don’t seem athletic, although I’m not 100% sure… This seems a bit worrying since the current Morning Musume is all about the formation dances. Then again, the winners of the audition will first receive lessons and training and will become full members in 2015. Although I think it’s good for the upcoming members to receive training first, I don’t like the idea of them becoming full members in 2015… It reminds me of the S/mileage auditions with the whole sub-member thing.

I’m getting more excited for the results. Although, I do love the line-up right now, they could use some more talent. Especially singing talent (or let some of the members in the back get some spotlight, but that’s not going to happen anyway).

As for the results, I’m hoping for two or three new members that aren’t super young, but preferable 14 or older to fit in with the other members. Most important I think is personality and singing skills I think in this case. Of all the lead singers, the only one I like is Sakura, so I’d love another member who can sing really well. Although it isn’t said they’ll be in front…

Well, that’s it for now!

~ Suu


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