Morning Musume’s 14th album announced + TIKI BUN radio rip

Finally, Morning Musume announced their 14th album. It is titled ’14shou ~The Message~’, and it will be released on October 29th! It will be the first album to feature Sakura (not counting the coupling collecting and best of album), and the last one to feature Sayumi. No tracklist or covers have been released yet!

I’m really glad they’re releasing a real actual album, not just a best of album. The last one ’13 colorful character’ was released back in 2012, quite some time ago… I was wondering when there would be an album release this year, I don’t think all the other H!P groups will be releasing albums in this short amount of time left in 2014… The only other H!P albums that have been released this year was MM’s second coupling track collection and Berryz Koubou’s second best of album. I was really hoping that either MM, C-ute or Juice=Juice would announce something at this time… Looks like it’s Morning Musume’s time!

I hope the album will have some different songs that stand out from their usual A-sides! Also hoping that the members who usually don’t get so much attention will get some now, since there are no B-sides anymore… I hope we get some previews soon!

Speaking of previews, there has been a radio rip of Morning Musume’s TIKI BUN going around. As expected it’s sound is very current MM! You can listen to it here. I hope there will be a high quality version soon so we can figure out who is singing a little better! Also looking forward to what kind of dance they’ll have for this song…

It was also announced that the 12th gen audition winners will be announced at Morning Musume’s live at Nippon Budokan on September 30th! Super excited! Well, that’s it for now!




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