Morning Musume’s Fall Tour has begun + Sayumi stopping activities after graduation


Yesterday Morning Musume’s fall tour ‘Morning Musume ’14 Concert Tour Aki GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Graduation Kinen Special~’ started with two performances Harmony Hall Zama. As it says in the concert name it is Sayumi’s last tour as a Morning Musume member.

I just checked the setlist of the performances of yesterday and today… There’s were some predictable choices, such as TIKI BUN and some other recent songs, and some songs of their upcoming album. The three new unit songs to appear on the album for which the members have been split up for, but also the group ones. I’m glad they also perform some of the older songs, and some platinum era ones, such as Shabondama, Fantasy ga Hajimaru, Bravo!, It’s you… I was quite surprised to see Fantasy ga Hajimaru and Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! on the list. Wondering how they’ll split up the lines… I just hope they didn’t give Ai-chan’s lines in Fantasy to Riho!

I was a little surprised to see they’re not performing Mikaeri Bijin, since they are performing TIKI BUN and Shabadaba Doo~. I was looking forward to that one… I hope we’ll get some footage of either of those songs in next week’s Hello! Project Station. Other than that it looks like an interesting setlist, although I kind of wish there would be more Platinum Era songs on it.



One of the photos made at the concert of Sayu! As one of the members is seen behind her this is one of the concert outfits! I think it looks great, at least on Sayu. It’s very princess-like! It reminds me of the Genki Pika Pika golden concert outfits, but prettier!


Another pic of Sayu! This looks like a solo performance, so this might be the Shabadaba Doo~ outfit, but could also just be a concert outfit… I’m kind of hoping for that last option since I think Sayu should have a way cuter (and more importantly pink!) outfit for the song, since it’s her graduation song… Sayumi is the queen of cute after all!

Interestingly, Sayumi announced she’d be taking a break from show business after her graduation. As she said herself she hasn’t had a break for a long time. This isn’t very surprising since she’s actually a very introvert person who doesn’t seem to care much for the show business, but loves Morning Musume with her whole heart. I think it’ll be good for her to take a break for a while, and who knows when she’ll come back… But of course there’s still some time left before her graduation and I’m excited to see more from the tour!

That’s it for now!




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