S/mileage 3rd gen announced & name change + TIKI BUN MV

On today’s episode of Hello! Project Station it was revealed that on October 4th S/mileage will anounce 3rd gen members and a change of their group name. The 3rd gen members are all from the H!P kenshuusei!

I think it’s a very strange timing for this sort of announcement, especially with Morning Musume 12th gen on the way. I’m not that surprised by 3rd gen though, it might be a good way to get them more attention. I haven’t really been interested in S/mileage since 2nd gen joined/Saki & Yuuka graduated, I’m not really a fan of any of the members, so this might be a good way to get interested again. I’m not sure what to think about the fact that they’re going to be all Kenshuusei… I feel like the kenshuusei can do better and should be able to debut in a new group rather than S/mileage.

Worried about the name change, it seems like a weird move, since well… Everyone knows them as S/mileage, it just doesn’t seem useful to change their name… I just hope it’ll be something better than the useless change to MM’s name. It makes me worried that Ayaka and Kanon, the only two left from the original S/mileage are going to graduate sometime soon. At that point nothing will be left of the original S/mileage…

Thankfully, we’ll know soon! Just hoping they won’t waste the talented Kenshuusei on S/mileage.

Then there’s the TIKI BUN MV, although it kind of loses importance after such an announcement. Honestly it was a bit disappointing, it was like a more elaborate dance shot rather than an actual MV. There were no interesting close-ups or anything. Still, it’s an okay MV (anything better than the Help Me!! green screen disaster)!

That’s it for now~



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