Shabadaba Doo & Mikaeri Bijin MVs + more about 12th gen

Yesterday’s episode of Hello! Project Station featured MV previews of Morning Musume’s upcoming single songs ‘Shabadaba Doo~’ and ‘Mikaeri Bijin’ .

As expected the MV for ‘Shabadaba Doo~’ is very cute and pink! Sayumi is as cute as always! The song is very cute and I still love it as much as when I first heard the preview! I especially love the light pink dress, it looks gorgeous on her and just looks beautiful! It reminds me a bit of the Fantasy Juuichi outfits, which is definitely a good thing!

Then there’s the ‘Mikaeri Bijin’ MV! These outfits are horrible… The colors looks horrible together, but these black corsets and the brown boots are probably the worst part! Don’t know what they were thinking… Thankfully most members have nice hairstyles and look gorgeous in the close-up shots, like Zukki, Erina and Mizuki. The verses of the song are a bit bland, but I love the chorus!

The thing that feels a bit awkward is that there’s a whole goodbye song for Sayumi. When I read that there would be a song for 9th + 10th + 11th gen I was expecting something like Waratte! YOU, their own song that would be a start of their own era. So the fact it’s a goodbye song for Sayumi was actually a bit disappointing… Don’t get me wrong, I love Sayumi, but this is a little over the top. I mean, members who previously graduated just got their own song, and some of them even didn’t get that (Gaki only got a cover song and Aika didn’t get anything).

Then there’s also footage of 12th gen!

First to introduce herself is Haruna Ogata! Isn’t she cute? She sounds quite nervous introducing herself, but she does well! Introducing yourself at Nippon Budokan must be terrifying! As she says, she is from Osaka and she does figure skating!

Next is Miki Nonaka, another completely new girl! She doesn’t sound as nervous introducing herself and looks adorable as well! She is from Shizuoka and she is an amazing english speaker! This was really surprising since most english talk you get in J-pop is usually bad engrish, but Miki sounds great! Definitely a big plus!

Next up are the two Kenshuusei, Akane Haga and Maria Makino! But seem rather confident and happy to be there. I definitely think Akane needs to get a nice haircut ASAP. I can’t wait to see these girls with a more Morning Musume-look. Also really curious as what their member colors are going to be! Some of the free colors include (after Sayumi graduates); light pink, light blue, purple, grey, gold and possible brown (or chocolate as Haruna calls it xD)? I’m not sure they’ll give away light pink so soon though… And not sure if brown will ever be used again! But I’m curious anyway!

I think 12th gen really has some great choices and after some training they will fit in perfectly! That’s it for now!



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