S/mileage 3rd gen revealed



S/mileage’s 3rd gen has been revealed today! Like said before, they’re all Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. The three new S/mileage members are Mizuki Murota, Rikako Sasaki and Maho Aikawa!

Mizuki has been in the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei program since 2012, after failing S/mileage 2nd gen audition in 2011. She also auditioned for Morning Musume 11th gen but didn’t make it.  Don’t know much about her, but she looks pretty cute.

Rikako used to be in idol group SCK GIRLS, but left and auditioned for Morning Musume 11th gen, but failed. Kind of sad she’s joining S/mileage, I think she could have done really well in a new H!P unit or even in Morning Musume.

Maho joined the Kenshuusei in spring 2014, honestly I don’t know anything about her, which is mainly because she is still very new to me. She looks cute though!

I think these members are some really interesting choices for S/mileage… I think especially someone like Rikako could do better than S/mileage, but maybe with members like this S/mileage will get more attention and become a better group. I hope so at least! That’s it for now.



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