Upcoming Hello! Project releases / events in October

Just before September ends let’s see what kind of stuff will be happening in October regarding H!P (and everything related)!

October 1st
– Juice=Juice’s single ‘Senobi / Date ja nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa’ goes on sale
October 4th
– S/mileage 3rd gen announcement + name change
– S/mileage’s single ‘SMILE FANTASY!’ goes on sale
– Azusa Kobayashi’s album ‘Alexandrite’ goes on sale
– S/mileage’s stageplay ‘SMILE FANTASY!’ opens
October 5th 
– Morning Musume performs live in New York
– Morning Musume’s album ‘One Two Three to Zero’ goes on sale (NEW YORK only?)
October 8th
– C-ute’s concert DVD for their spring tour goes on sale
October 13th
– S/mileage’s stageplay ‘SMILE FANTASY!’ ends
October 15th
– Morning Musume’s single ‘TIKI BUN / Shabadaba Doo~ / Mikaeri Bijin’ goes on sale
October 18th
– Berryz Koubou’s fall tour starts
October 22nd
– Haruka Kudou solo DVD goes on sale
October 26th
– Sayumi Michishige’s photobook ‘YOUR LOVE’ goes on sale
October 27th
– Haruka Kudou celebrates her 15th birthday
October 28th 
– Berryz Koubou’s naruchika live ends
October 29th
– Yuu Kikkawa’s single ‘Amai Melody / “Suki” no Kazoekata” goes on sale
– Morning Musume’s album ’14shou ~The Message~’ goes on sale
October 30th
– Mizuki Fukumura celebrates her 18th birthday
October 31st
– Meimi Tamura celebrates her 16th birthday

Quite a lot of stuff going on! Some really great releases… I’m especially looking forward to Morning Musume’s upcoming single and album… I ordered a copy of both! Also a big performance for Morning Musume in New York! I wish I could be there, but sadly that’s impossible, since I live in Europe… But I’m sure it will be an amazing live, I hope both the members and fans will have a great time!

That’s it for now.



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