New Berryz MV + Radio rip and C-ute upcoming single covers revealed

A few days ago they revealed the MV for Berryz Koubou’s Romance wo Katatte, one of the A-sides of their final single! I really loved the song preview before and hearing the full version I still love it! The cute/dreamy sound is very rare for Berryz, but they pull it off very well… The MV setting could have been better, especially for their last single… But all the members look very pretty and cute so I guess that makes up for it a bit. They did do their best more different close-ups which is also a plus!

There’s also the radio rip for Towa no Uta is here! It reminds me a bit of a Buono! song, which is a good thing. I especially like the intro and verses! I can’t wait to hear more of it!

Then, the covers of C-ute’s upcoming 26th single (surprise, surprise, another double A-side) I miss you / THE FUTURE have been revealed!


Regular A cover, looks very pretty! The girls look great~ Very casual/cool clothes for I miss you.


Girls looking pretty as well~ Looks like these are the THE FUTURE outfits… Look very space-y!


Limited A with a nice setting~


Limited B cover… Another pretty cover, maybe a bit boring though.


Limited C cover, girls all look very pretty! Photo placement is a bit strange though.


Limited D, very pretty this one. I like the butterflies with the member colors, also their group name logo and song title typography looks very nice, probably my favorite!

So, in total there’s two regular and four limited editions… Seems like this is the format now for all the H!P groups… The single will be released on November 19th! That’s it for now!

~ Suu


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