Country Musume revival announced


Not too long ago it was announced that no winners had been picked for the new revived Country Musume, something quite annoying as it had previously happened with Morning Musume’s 12th gen as well. Now there was a sudden announced of a revived Country Musume, renamed Country Girls.

The five new members consists of two Hello! Pro Kenshuusei; Risa Yamaki and Manaka Inaba, and three new girls; Chisaki Morito, Uta Shimamura and Mai Ozeki. Former member Mai Satoda will take the role of general manager, while Berryz Koubou’s Momoko Tsugunaga will be playing manager until Berryz Koubou disbands.

Risa joined the Kenshuusei in 2013 after failing the 12th gen audition. She is 17 years old and was the oldest out of the current Kenshuusei line-up. Manaka has been a back-up dancer and was part of an idol group PEACEFUL. In 2013 she joined as Kenshuusei.

Chisaki was part of idol group CoCoRo Gakuen, but graduated November 1st.  She has also done some modeling, dance contest and has attended a dance school. Uta tried out for 12th gen but failed, like Mai and Chisaki. Not much else is known about them.

I think this sudden announcement is a little strange, I think they were waiting for candidates from the 12th gen edition. It seems a little unfair to those who actually auditioned for Country Musume… I’m looking forward to seeing them debut! That’s it for now!



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