Upcoming H!P releases/events December ’14

Let’s take a look at all upcoming releases and events this december! November was a pretty big month with Sayumi’s graduation two days ago (there’ll be another post about that coming soon). C-ute’s Maimi Yajima is now the leader of Hello! Project, Mizuki is the leader of Morning Musume, Erina is joing Haruna as Morning Musume’s sub leader. So let’s see what’s coming this december!

December ??
– The ‘Ways’ image blu-ray by Maimi Yajima is released this december.

December 3rd
– The musical ‘Kurukuru to Shi to Shitto’ featuring Risa Niigaki and Yuu Kikkawa starts. (until December 11th)

December 10th
– The ‘Petit Best 15’ album and blu-ray are released.
– The 8th Morning Musume MV collection DVD is released.

December 11th
– Juice=Juice’s Karin and Akari celebrate their birthday event.

December 12th
– Morning Musume’s 12th gen has a fanclub event.

December 15th
– Morning Musume’s Alo! Hello photobook is released.

December 17th 
– The DVD for Berikyuu’s 2014 concert will be released.

December 24th
– The soundtrack of Juice=Juice’s Hello Kitty musical is released.

December 31st
– The Hello! Project Countdown party 2014 ~Goodbye & Hello!~ event takes place.

No big releases this month. I think it’s pretty interesting that 12th gen is getting a fanclub event before their real debut, it’s probably a good way for them to gain some popularity! That’s it for now!

~ Suu




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