Hello! Project wishes for 2015


A happy new year to all of you! I decided to make a list of all my Hello! Project wishes for 2015. Then at the end of the year I’ll see if anything has come true at all… Probably not.

We also got the sad news that Zukki got an injury that takes a six week recovery. That means she will miss quite a few concert performances. Let’s hope she recovers quickly!


I couldn’t find my list for this year, so I can’t really compare to my wishes to what has happened this year. Well, let’s start!

1. A new soloist
I’d really like a new H!P soloist. I loved Erina Mano’s music and her solo performances, so I’d really like a new soloist with her type of music (or something similar to Bitter & Sweet). Also, I think it would be a nice change from all the big groups H!P currently has.

2. A new group
I’d also like to see a new group debut, something with a original concept… Like S/mileage had in the beginning. Preferably with four or less members to make the group stand out from all the other groups.

3. Kanon Suzuki getting a photobook
This is probably very unrealistic, but I’m really hoping for Kanon to get a solo photobook. I think she’s really photogenic and especially in Morning Musume’s last Alo-Hello! photobook you can really see she has matured. I personally think she’s ready for a photobook and I think many others would love to see it as well!

4. New album releases
In 2013 there were no album releases of C-ute, ANGERME and Juice=Juice which really disappointed me. I always love C-ute’s vocal sound and I hope a new album will bring some interesting sound since I haven’t really loved their last singles. As for ANGERME, I think it would be good for them since they’ve gained three new members. Since Juice=Juice’s still the newest group (not counting Country Girls) they’ve only released singles so far, and I’m really curious to what kind of sound their album will have.

5. Return to single A-sides and B-sides
H!P has completely abandoned the concept of single A-sides and B-sides it seems. With so many MV’s they become less special, but it is also a missed opportunity for the members that aren’t in front. B-sides were usually the songs where these members got a chance to shine and they’re gone. Now all the opportunities that are left for these members are album songs… They probably won’t let B-sides return, but I still wish for it regardless.

6. Berryz Koubou to have a great graduation concert
I really hope they will have a great setlist, awesome costumes, etc. for their last live performance as Berryz Koubou. Also hoping it will really be their concert. What really annoyed me at their last Budokan lives with C-ute was that they had to have Morning Musume and S/mileage to perform there as well, it’s really annoying. Some songs I hope they’ll perform in their last concert: Icchoume Rock!, Towa no Uta, Rock Erotic, Cha Cha SING, Maji Bomber, Dakishimete Dakishimete and Himitsu no U.ta.hi.me.

7. C-ute to release some actual good singles
I’ll be honest and say the last A-sides from C-ute I really liked were Adam to Eve no Dilemma and Kanashiki Amefuri. This single was released in July 2013. That’s why I’m really hoping they’ll get some quality stuff this year. Their performance level is so high, they really deserve something better than the boring things they’ve gotten.

8. More colorful/interesting MVs in general
I think while MV quality has improved for most H!P groups they’ve also become a bit boring in some cases I think. Casual outfits in casual color tones with white/black/grey backgrounds are more usual. I want to see more color and originality, like with Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe or Shabadaba doo~. I think that would make the MVs a lot more original.

9. A Hello! Project concert with shuffle performances
I’d like them to bring back the shuffle groups such as High-King, Tanpopo#, etc… Especially with all the new members joining I think this would be really interesting!

10. A last Buono! performance
I got into Hello! Project thanks to Buono! and I still really love their music. I really miss their activities since their group has such great chemistry and skills. I really hope they’ll perform one more time before Berryz Koubou disbands.

11. Another musical like LILIUM
I really loved the LILIUM stage play, and I hope to see something similar in the future from Morning Musume (and possibly ANGERME). Hopefully with a leading role for Meimi!

12. More equally didived lines for Morning Musume
While I’ve sort of accepted that Riho will always get most lines, I’m still hoping there will be more solo lines for the other members. Especially members like Haruka and Kanon.

That’s it for now… I hope 2015 will be a great year for everyone, and also for Hello! Project!



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3 Reacties op “Hello! Project wishes for 2015

  1. With all of the new/revamped groups, a new soloist would be really interesting. Is there anyone in particular that you would want as the soloist?


  2. Well whoever believes that the USPTO delivers strong patents has been missing something the last yere..s.Thare seems to be a move by Kappos to enhance the quality of granted patents, but this is still in its infancy.


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