Hello! Project Member Ranking January ’15

This year I’ll do a ranking of Hello! Project members, every month! I hope to keep up with that. I’m using this site to do the ranking! Well, anyways, here are my results for January.

Morning Musume (MM)
Berryz Koubou (BK)
C-ute (C)
Juice =Juice (J=J)

Country Girls (CG)

1. Kanon Suzuki (MM)
2. Yurina Kumai (BK)
3. Airi Suzuki (C)
4. Risako Sugaya (BK)
5. Sakura Oda (MM)

First five are not surprising. Zukki will always be #1, and Yurina is my Berryz fave, and Airi my C-ute fave. Also, I love both Risako and Sakura, so~ 

6. Miyabi Natsuyaki (BK)
7. Momoko Tsugunaga (BK)
8. Maimi Yajima (C)
9. Haruka Kudou (MM)
10. Risa Yamaki (CG)

First three aren’t really surprising… Quite surprised about Haruka though, I really like her though, her voice is too cute! Even more surprised about Risa ranking so high! She’s adorable though…

11. Rikako Sasaki (AM)
12. Maasa Sudou (BK)
13. Saki Nakajima (C)
14. Erina Ikuta (MM)
15. Ayumi Ishida (MM)

Rikako scoring quite high, she’s the highest ranking ANGERME member! Not very surprising, since I don’t care much for most ANGERME members… As for the others girls, I expected to be about here on the list. I’ve been liking Ayumi more lately… She’s just so genuinely adorable!

16. Mai Hagiwara (C)
17. Miki Nonaka (MM)
18. Kanon Fukuda (AM)
19. Masaki Sato (MM)
20. Chinami Tokunaga (BK)

Mai is a bit lower than expected, but still okay. Miki is really cute, and can’t resist her english skills! Kanon is cute as always, still not sure if I like her personality that much. Haven’t seen much from Masaki lately, sometimes I like her, sometimes I don’t. As for Chinami, I do like her, I just like other members more!

21. Meimi Tamura (AM)
22. Yuka Miyazaki (J=J)
23. Uta Shimamura (CG)
24. Saki Shimizu (BK)
25.  Chisaki Morito (CG)

I like Meimi’s singing skills and I like her enthusiasm most of the time. Yuka is the highest ranking Juice=Juice member, I think she’s cute, but that’s also about it. Uta is adorable, but I don’t know much about her. As for Saki, I do like her, I feel like she should be a bit higher. Chisaki is adorable as well, but it’s the same as with Uta.

26. Mizuki Fukumura (MM)
27. Tomoko Kanazawa (J=J)
28. Akari Uemura (J=J)
29. Chisato Okai (C)
30. Haruna Ogata (MM)

I like Mizuki, but she doesn’t really stand out to me. I like Tomoko and Akari as well, just like others better. As for Chisato, I don’t know, like with Captain I feel like she should be a little bit higher. She’s definitely my least favorite C-ute member but I do appreciate her performance skills. Don’t know much about Haruna.

31. Mai Ozeki (CG)
32. Haruna Iikubo (MM)
33. Manaka Inaba (CG)
34. Maho Aikawa (AM)
35. Riho Sayashi (MM)

Mai and Manaka are both quite cute, but I don’t know much about them. As for Haruna, I kind of like her most of the time, but not that much. I don’t know much about Maho. As for Riho, I just can’t really stand that smug smile and her live singing skills always kind of ruin her for me… Especially since she’s the lead singer.

36. Akane Haga (MM)
37. Mizuki Murota (AM)
38. Ayaka Wada (AM)
39. Maria Makino (MM)
40. Rina Katsuta (AM)

I guess now are the members I either don’t know much about and don’t really stand out to me, or the ones I just don’t like. I never liked Ayaka that much, her voice kind of annoys me. Rina just doesn’t really stand out to me.

41. Karin Miyamoto (J=J)
42. Kana Nakanishi (AM)
43. Akari Takeuchi (AM)
44. Sayuki Takagi (J=J)
45. Aika Mitsui (ignored her in the ranking, since she’s not active or anything)

My least favorite members at last. Not much to say about them.

Conclusion: As expected Juice=Juice and ANGERME are ranking quite low. Of these two groups I don’t like most members a lot, so it’s kind of hard to get into the groups. I’ll try paying more attention to ANGERME because of 3rd gen, but other than that I don’t really care much for them.

Seeing the rankings of Country Girls I’m actually pretty excited for the group! When the new members we’re announced I wasn’t very excited at first… They all looked a bit well, bland with the outfits and everything. But looking closer now, they’re all looking adorable! I hope we get more information about their first single soon!

C-ute and Berryz are both ranking quite high mostly. Although I haven’t liked Berryz as a group for quite some time, I always liked the members. I’m really going to miss them when they disband… As for C-ute, I hope they’ll get some better music in the future.

Morning Musume is a bit all over the place. 12th gen is a bit hard to rank since I still don’t know that much about them. That’s the ranking for now!

~ Suu



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