New ANGERME MV previews

Previews of the MVs of ANGERME’s upcoming single have been revealed on OHA!4 NEWS LIVE. Last week the first live performance of the song Taiki Bansei was revealed, and everyone seems to love it. While I do like the song a lot, I was quite surprised by the overly enthusiastic reactions! None of the members have any solo lines, except Ayaka and Mizuki at one point.

The live performance was quite fun to watch. The group looks great with nine members, the new members add a lot of energy! I haven’t heard any previews of the other song so far, but it was supposed to be a bit dark/mysterious…

Taking a look at the previews!

The first thing to say about the Taiki Bansei MV is that Meimi’s hair looks absolutely horrible… I thought the shortcut was cute, but they need to style it well. Other than that, it’s not a very special MV I think. The dancing background looks a little boring. I do think the close-ups with the flag background looks nice. It adds some color! Most disappointing I think is the lack of color overall in this MV, while the song is very upbeat and energetic, the outfits and setting (except the flag) don’t really match that. I wish they’d done something more colorful. Other than that it still does look nice.

The MV for Otome no Gyakushuu looks a lot better! I get the dark mysterious feel from it. The MV reminds me a bit of Berryz Koubou’s Aa, yo ga Akeru, but better. The outfits are a bit simple but they look nice. I also love the song so far! Can’t wait to see the full MV! It looks really nice…

Overall, I’m looking forward to this release. It’s nice seeing the group with the new members, the songs sound good and the Otome no Gyakushuu MV looks really interesting! I might get more interested in the group if they continue like this! That’s it for now!




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