Berryz Koubou has disbanded



Yesterday was the final day for Berryz Koubou. They were active for 11 years, they released 36 singles, 7 collaboration singles, 8 albums, 3 best albums and 2 mini albums.  They had 26 concert tours in Japan and also had lives in Korea, Thailand, USA, Taiwan and France. They accomplished so much as idol group… One of Hello! Project’s few groups who has stayed around so long. They only lost one member and continued for so long with seven members, I think it is amazing.

I love so many of their songs, I was really happy to see the setlist of their last performance. The openign acts were Kobushi Factory, Country Girls and Juice=Juice performances… Honestly, I only really care for Country Girls out of these, they’re just so adorable!

1. Special Generation
2. ROCK Erotic
Opening VTR
3. Ai no Suki Suki Shisuu Joushouchuu
4. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
5. Yuuki wo Kudasai!
6. 21ji Made no Cinderella
7. Romance wo Katatte
8. Himitsu no U•ta•hi•me
9. Massugu na Watashi
10. Anata nashi de wa ikite yukenai (04-13-15 Kanjuku Complete Ver.)
11. Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!?
12. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance
13. I’m so cool!
14. cha cha SING
15. Jiriri Kiteru
16. Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW?
17. Maji Bomber!!
18. Yo no Naka Barairo
19. Rival
20. Succhaka Mecchaka~
21. Icchoume Rock!
22. Bye Bye Mata ne
MC: Final Messages
23. Towa no Uta
24. Love together!

They performed some of my favorites, including ROCK Erotic, Himitsu no, Maji Bomber!! and Icchoume Rock! I’m just missing Otakebi Boy WAO!! So far I’ve only seen the video of their performance of ‘Love  together!’ which was a very lovely but sad performance… The stage also looks so pretty, like a fairytale castle!



Outfits that most likely were worn while they were performing Maji Bomber!! I think, they reminds me of outfits they’ve worn before… But just look at that castle stage! So pretty!


They also wore these cheerleader outfits… So cute! I always appreciate outfits that include the member colors, these are really cute!



And there’s these adorable monkey outfits! Only Berryz Koubou would wear monkey outfits in their graduation concert, perfect!



These slightly confusing flower-y outfits. Still cute enough though, but they could have done better!


And there’s these beautiful princess dresses… Seven Cinderellas on stage! They look so cute!

After all, I think this looks like a great graduation concert and I can’t wait to see more footage of it! At the same time, it’s sad that Berryz won’t be active anymore but the girls already announced their future plans!

Saki and Chinami will both be advisors within Hello! Project, communicating between staff and members, a great way to stay in H!P behind the scenes I think. Maasa will be the play manager of Hello! Project acting club and will also continue acting herself. Momoko will be a full member of Country Girls, something that still seems kind of weird to me because of the age difference. Yurina will continue college and wants to pursue a career as model which seems perfect for her. Miyabi wants to continue singing and is also interested in studying fashion. Risako will take a break and think about her future, it wouldn’t surprise if she’d do something similar to Miyabi.

While it’s sad they’re leaving, I also think it was the right choice for them… You just can’t be an idol forever, and they’ll be able to continue whatever they want to do. I wish them all the best and hope to see them in the future!

~ Suu




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